I see normal people.

Programming schmogramming.
Code for just plain folks.

Buzzwords Considered Harmful

August 24th, 2020 — These shorthand symbols for an abstraction of an idea are trending toward harmful and away from useful.

Svelte is a glorious revelation

August 24th, 2020 — I can feel you all groan *with my toes*, the reaction is *seismic*. Svelte is *something else* entirely.

'Dance Like No One is Watching' Is Bad Advice

November 18th, 1996 — The Macarena is an international hit & dance craze. The song is inspired by flamenco dancer Diana Herrera's beauty, but do you know where the dance came from?

Nectar of the Gods

August 16th, 1996 — The time had come. We had seen the commercials. This was our first foray into the underground competitive world of Surge.